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Calgary's Kid-Friendly Communities

Calgary has many diverse communities, all with their own defining characteristics. As part of our Community Information page, we have put together a profile of some of Calgary's Kid friendly communities, to help newcomers and newly expecting parents explore communities that fit their growing families.

Residents of nearly every Calgary community will probably argue that their neighbourhood is one of the most kid-friendly. Here are some factors that we consider when recommending kid friendly neighbourhoods:


-Communities with Lake Access.

-Communities with Community Centres.

-Newer Communities. These communities are often filled with families just starting out and who have just begun their families

-Communities with Spray Parks & Arenas

-Communities with Parks.

-Communities with Schools.

-Communities with a higher percentage of children.


We love helping future Calgary residents find the perfect neighbourhood for them, and their children. Please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can make recommendations specific to your lifestyle and needs.

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