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Fee Increases

Titles Registration Fee Comparison:


The Alberta Provincial Government has brought an increase to the registration fee in the new budget. The important thing to consider is not only the fee increase, but how the land titles office will determine who will pay the increase

Any properties that are registered after June 30, 2015 will be subject to the higher fee. The fee is charged when the registration has taken place.  NOT THE POSSESSION DATE! 

Possessions are often delayed due to the volumes of transfers in the June to August period, so if you have a June 15th possession but land titles does not register the property until July 6th, the buyer will be subject to the higher transfer fee.  


Purchase Price Mortgage Amount Fee up to June 30th Fee July 1st, 2015, Onward
$250,000 $225,000 Transfer - $100 Transfer - $375
    Mortgage - $95 Mortgage - $345
    Total - $195 Total - $720
$500,000 $500,000 Transfer - $150 Transfer - $675
    Mortgage - $150 Mortgage - $675
    Total - $300 Total - $1350
$1,000,000 $800,000 Transfer - $250 Transfer - $1,275
    Mortgage - $220 Mortgage - $1,035
    Total - $470 Total - $2,310
$1,500,000 $1,000,000 Transfer - $350 Transfer - $1,875
    Mortgage - $250 Mortgage - $1,275
    Total - $600 Total - $3,150



Land Titles and Lease hold Related
  Up to June 30, 2015 July 1, 2015 Onward
Land title search including online search $10 $15
Lane Title Caveats $30 $35
Transfers and leasehold titles - Flat Fee $50 $75
Transfers and leasehold titles - variable fee per each $5,000 $1 $6
Mortgages - Flat fee $50 $75
Mortgages - Variable fee per each $5,000 $1 $6


As of July 1, 2015, Albertans will have an extra expense to consider when preparing to buy or refinance a 

home. The Alberta Government released its latest budget on March 26 which, among other items, 

increased the fees the Land Titles Office charges for its services. REALTORS® will do their buying clients 

a disservice if Land Titles fees are not part of the initial discussion. 


• Rates for registering instruments have risen by up to 3.5 – 6.1 times depending on the value of 

the property and/or mortgage. It will now cost $75.00 plus $6.00 for every $5,000 of purchase 

price to register a transfer. Mortgages will use the same calculation based on the value of the 

mortgage. According to CREB®, the average home price as of March 14, 2015 is now $484,877. 

If one assumes a mortgage with 80% loan to value, that home would result in registration costs 

of $274 today. On July 1, the same transaction will result in registration costs of $1197.33 or a 

4.36 multiple increase.


•  Even if you have a closing before July 1 the new fees may apply! Is the increase based on the date of 

actual registration or the date the Document Registration Request (DRR) is submitted? This is a 

matter to be clarified by the Land Titles Office (LTO). Instruments are sent to LTO with a DRR. 

The DRR allows the registrant to save a place in the queue and track intervening registrations. 

Currently, documents submitted April 13 will not be registered until April 20. So, for closings on 

June 30, registration may not occur until July 7, after the fee increase takes place! In the worst 

case scenario, registrations have been delayed by 2-3 weeks in peak use periods. If this is not 

clarified, lawyers representing buyers will start collecting the additional fees for deals closing as 

early as the second week in June. 


• Fees for most other Land Titles services have also risen. Important for REALTORS®, title 

searches will increase by 50% to $15 per search. Sellers’ lawyers are now collecting those fees 

for Certified Copies of Titles as it can take 3-6 months to obtain a mortgage discharge. 


• Alberta still enjoys the lowest land titles registration costs of any jurisdiction in Canada. 

According to the Law Society of Alberta, a $600,000 home purchase with a $400,000 mortgage 

would cost over $7,000 in BC to register and over $8,500 in Ontario (plus the cost of a title 

insurance policy for both the buyer and the lender)1

property will be $1,350 after the increase.


• Without any other increase, total buyers’ legal costs, including registration for the average 

home will go from approximately $1,500 to $2,500.




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